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We’re going here!

14 Jun


We had so much fun at Sequoia National Park last year that we thought we’d go back again this year.   We are camping in the National Forest this time.  They offer what is called dispersed camping — they designate areas where camping is fine, you don’t have to camp in specific campsites. You have to get a permit for campfires.  And, you have to be aware that it’s bear country.  And, you won’t have a ranger to come to your rescue if you mishandle your food and end up with a bear in your campsite. We’ll be camping in this area.

We are going to go horseback riding with the Horse Corral Pack Station.

Horse back riding in Sequoia National Forest

We are going to drive around that area and see things like the Buck Rock Lookout Station.

Buck Rock Lookout

And, of course, we’ll see massive Giant Sequoia trees.

Ruth & Gage at base of Giant Sequoia

It’s going to be quite an adventure!