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4th of July – Small Town Celebrations

5 Jul

We started out the morning with a pancake breakfast at the Fire Station.  Our local volunteer fire department does an annual 4th of July breakfast — pancakes, scrambled eggs, and sausage.  YUM!

This is followed by the annual parade.  I forgot my camera in the car so I have no pictures of it for you.  I’ve forgotten my camera in years past, too.  It’s a great small town event.  It starts with fire trucks cruising down the road sirens blaring.  Then come all the smaller groups like the boy scouts and girl scouts and the local jazzercise classes and people with dogs and the local preschools.  It’s a great tradition.

Face painting to celebrate

Ruth got her face painted while we were waiting in line for the pancake breakfast.

Alba Schoolhouse 4th of July Celebration

After the parade, we headed to a nearby town where there was a celebration going on at the Alba Schoolhouse.  It’s an old 1 room schoolhouse from the town’s history.  The local neighborhood keeps it in good shape and has celebrations there periodically.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  Greg is playing with the SLV Community Band now.  It’s a concert band organized by our high school band director (retired now, he was our band director when we were in high school!).  They played patriotic songs and marches to celebrate the day.  There was also a ukelele-led sing-a-long.  It was very small town USA.

Enthusiastic about the 4th!

From there, we headed over to my mother-in-law’s to celebrate with family.  Greg’s aunt and uncle and cousins were also there.  Very fun.  (However it was when we were getting there that I realized I was getting Greg’s cold so I spent a fair amount of the day napping in hope’s of shaking it off — didn’t work!).  The kids swam.  The adults talked.  We at hot dogs.

Up on the Roof to watch the fireworks

Come dark, it was just us and Greg’s mom left.  We took chairs up onto her roof (there is a staircase up there) and watched the fireworks from there.  It was really cool!


Really wished I’d used my tripod but still you get the idea.  Fireworks.  So special.

Happy 4th of July!  Small town style!
What did YOU do to celebrate July 4th?