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Facebook and the humor of focused advertising

16 Jul

So, I am active on Facebook (click here if you want to befriend me there).  There are wonderful things about Facebook and irritating ones, as well.  Wonderful includes connecting with old friends from high school and previous co-workers and long-lost family members.  Irritating includes addictive games and focused advertising.

Facebook looks carefully at your profile and chooses ads that are most likely to appeal to you.  Sometimes with most effective results and sometimes with hilarious results.  Sometimes, Facebook could take a closer look at the profiles before choosing certain ads.

A case in point . . .

hotsinglesWhen this ad showed up on my Facebook page, I had to really laugh.  First of all, I’m married and listed as married.  Second of all, that picture . . . that’s my husband.  So, somehow, Facbook, in all it’s computer-generated wisdom, decided that I’d be interested in knowing that my husband is wanting to fix me up with some hot singles.  All I can say is, it seems a bit unlikely.  Just a bit, you know?

So, uh, gee, thanks, Honey but no thanks.  I’m good.  No need for hot singles here.

What about you?  Any funny Facebook ads showing up in your account?  Is your spouse trying to fix you up with a hot date for the weekend?  Do share.