17 Aug


Black-Crested Night Heron at Clear Lake

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron at Clear Lake

Double Heronage

And now, together.

I also saw a green heron fly by a few times but never got a shot of it.

Didn’t see any egrets of any size there at all that weekend.

For more fun birds hanging out doing birdy things, visit Bird Photography Weekly.


5 Responses to “Heron-o-rama!”

  1. Kerri 17 August, 2009 at 7:36 am #

    Great shots!!

  2. robin andrea 17 August, 2009 at 8:01 am #

    Nice heron shots, Liza. We saw a green heron at Struve Slough in Watsonville the other day.

  3. Ladynred 17 August, 2009 at 1:14 pm #

    Beautiful Heron . love the scenery.

  4. Larry Jordan 17 August, 2009 at 11:06 pm #

    Excellent captures of the Night Heron and the Blue Heron Liza! I really feel your pain with the Green Heron. I have been trying to get a decent shot of one for awhile. They are shy but I will get one some day.

    BTW, I didn’t now you were in the Clear Lake area. You know Dawn Fine and the BwBTC will be getting together in Northern California for a birding event sometime in November. Hope you can make it!


  1. I and the Bird #108 – Group Poetry « Liza Lee Miller - 19 August, 2009

    […] I and the Bird #108 – Group Poetry August 19th, 2009 Liza Lee Miller Leave a comment Go to comments We and the Bird by the contributers to I and the Bird #108 A data point in the study of the fate of birds There were blue-wings aplenty in their usual haunt and a pair of kamikaze wood ducks that had me stamping on the anchors These hornbills are capable of storing a large amount of fruits in their gular pouch. Her frame is gangly, adorned with a mixture of adult plumages in different states of development like two rival gangs feel each other out, replete with posturing and machismo thirsty raven gathering rocks and dropping them into an urn Add to this, pink legs and feet, and you have the details that make up the unique and subtle beauty of Ovenbirds and before you is the incessant cacophony of hundreds of terns, cormorants and gulls crowding little islands of concrete and gravel Other than the gulls, everything was a little twitchy by plunging it’s bill deep in the sand, and spitting out the water when he withdrew it one of those head scratching, mind boggling reports that makes you glad to be a birder, for abandoning that warm sleeping bag to brave the frost as the predawn glow begins as it ripped at the flesh, a variety of birds came by and perched on the same dead treetop Spoonbill foraging is dependent on fluctuating water depths here a Wilson’s Storm Petrel does their characteristic foot pattering across the surface I also saw a green heron fly by a few times but never got a shot of it. […]

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