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Eerie skies

29 Aug

Eerie moon

Belated SkyWatch.  First week of school is kicking my butt.  The ridiculous heatwave we’ve been having is kicking my butt.  And, a phone call I got (but am not ready to talk about) kicked my butt.

But, I refuse to stay kicked so, I’m going to get caught up on my posts and plan for upcoming week.

I think my mantra is going to be “I Will Survive” this year.  With the budget cuts in California, I have more students and more work to do.  My district has done a fantastic job of keeping the cuts away from the students.  However, it has meant that more work has come to the teachers.  Figuring out how to balance all the work and still reach each and every student is my challenge.

And, it’s a doosie.