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No, no, THIS is my new most favorite bird artist ever!

3 Sep

Friends (oh GOD, I’m so in teacher mode right now!!!), Friends, let me tell you why I love the Internet so much. Why I love blogging and twittering and why I love the people that I have met this way.

I have shared Gabi Reith’s work before in her fonts of birds and feathers that was made available on the typeface-a-week blog page.  Gabi and Phillip were so pleased that I was so pleased that they sent me a thank you gift.  Such a gesture is completely unnecessary but awfully delightful.

Even more delightful when I opened the package from Scotland and saw the treasures inside.


Here is a website dedicated to this series of work by Gabi Reith. Unfortunately, it seems that Gabi’s Etsy shop is empty right now. I can only assume that she’s working on her next amazing series of artwork.


These cards and the tea towel (which evidently I’m the only American to own!!!) are whimsical and elegant all at once. I just love them. And, so appreciate Gabi and Phillip’s thoughtfulness!


That utterly gorgeous tea towel is going to grace my classroom walls before too long.  It is so lovely!  And, the cards,  I want to frame each one.  Thankfully, they sent two of each so I can save one and use one.

So, why do I love the Internet?  It alllows me to make connections that span continents, cultures, and connect artists in Scotland with teachers in California.  And, then swings out again to include each of you.  People used to say that the Internet was a cold form of communication and would lead to a world full of plugged in people who never really connected.  I’m so glad we know now that the warmth of human connection is strong enough to cross through screens and wires and ethernet and even leap through wireless empty space and bring people together.