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Coyote at 5:30am – no, not really!

10 Sep

I wish I could tell you that my theme of the week was continuing but this coyote was really calling around 10pm, not 5:30am!  Still, enjoy it.  To me, it sounds like a young on, looking for trouble.

Oh, and to me, the funniest is thing is that Ruby — who avidly defends our property from all comers (dog and human) and who never fails to rush out and get a piece of whatever the neighborhood dogs are up in arms about — Ruby studiously avoids coyote calls.  What’s that? You hear something?  How odd.  I, myself, I hear nothing.  There is no sound right now.  You are imagining things.  If I heard a coyote, I’d go investigate and tell it to stay away from my yard but I do not, so I will not.

Looking back at us

It seems funny not to include a photograph of a coyote so here’s an old one.  Doesn’t he look like he wishes we’d follow him and play?  That’s what this coyote sounds like to me, wistful and a little lonely!  Come play with me, Ruby!  I’ll make you dinner!!!