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Ruby’s got a boyfriend!

22 Sep

Our friend, Brett, has a wonderful Rat Terrier named JJ.  JJ is the whole reason we have our beautiful Ruby Tuesday.  Greg met JJ and decided there was something wonderful in this breed.  And, thus we began our search and ended up with Ruby.  So, when Brett asked us to watch JJ for a weekend, we didn’t hesitate.  We happily took on the task.


He’s a handsome lad, don’t you think?  Similar to Ruby; but unique unto himself.


I love seeing them together.  He is larger than Ruby


They play and play and play.  Sprinting around the house, chasing, growling, barking, and sprinting some more.  So delightful!

We’ve only got JJ until today but Ruby has had a grand old time.  And probably get more exercise than she normally gets in a month!