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Greg’s Belated Xmas Gift

30 Jan

I am a most generous wife!

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Bigger is better?

26 Jan

So, when Gage’s thumb wasn’t better enough today, Greg took him to the doctor, who doesn’t think it’s broken but we did xray it to be sure. We’ll know tomorrow. In the meantime, he’s got this cool splint which is actually making a big difference in the pain department. We’ll see how school goes tomorrow though . . .

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Happy Birthday Mr. Boy

25 Jan

Although it was Gage’s 10th birthday yesterday, we had to finish stacking the wood that was delivered in the middle of the big storm last week. It was dumped in our carport which meant our cars were not parked in the carport. So, we were working as a family stacking wood.

None of us was particularly happy about it. Stacking wood isn’t exactly the world’s funnest activity. Still, we were doing it together and more than one neighbor had commented that we were laughing to much to be REALLY stacking wood.

We’d just finished giving Gage a hard time about his bootlaces which were so loose that the laces from one boot had gotten stuck on the hooks on the other boot. He’d fixed it and was carrying a load of wood to the stack when disaster . . .

He tripped and went down flat. With the load of wood in his hands, he hadn’t been able to stop himself and landed — wood and all — on top of his hands. He rolled over yelling.

His thumb was mashed. The nail was already turning purple and when I got him inside to ice it, I saw that the knuckle was also getting discolored. Oh boy.

It got swollen but not too swollen. It hurt and throbbed but not so that Advil and Tylenol didn’t help. My gut said it wasn’t broken but . . .

This morning, I’m relieved to report that the throbbing has stopped. He slept all night (although I got him up at 1:30 for more pain reliever). He reports that he is able to press the A button on the Wii controller so I think we’re safely past the crisis point.

Still, curled up on the couch in pain was not his FIRST choice for how to spend his 10th birthday. Even with hot chocolate and ice packs and lots of cuddles from his mom.

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I and the Bird #117

23 Jan

It’s been a long and busy drought for me and I and the Bird. I haven’t participated since school started in September of 2009. I haven’t even really been able to read IATB in that time. Such is the life of a teacher.

Still, when Seabrooke asked for a few more posters to participate, I thought of the ONE birding post I’d made in months and jumped to join in.

I love this edition. Seabrooke’s picture is amazing. If you haven’t seen it yet, go now and enjoy!

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20 Jan

Storm Report – Tuesday Morning

19 Jan

Here’s a look at Boulder Creek at 7:44 this morning. We’ve had thunder, lightning, hail, and lots and lots of rain. Trees are down all over the county, most of the counties power is out. Ours is off and on.

Here’s a look at the three trees. We’ve certainly seen it get a lot higher but I’ll keep an eye on it all day. It’s wild here, today, folks!

Boulder Creek 7:45am Tuesday 1/19

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Birds before the storm

18 Jan

A huge flock of birds was flying before the incoming storm. All those black dots — and many more that you can’t see — kept coming and coming the entire time we were filling up with gas. I hope they find safe shelter.

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Storm Report

18 Jan

Storm Photos

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Worlds Away

17 Jan

This kit is called “Worlds Away” — I think this is a perfect mid-winter project. So beautiful! What a great way to bring the promise of warmer weather to life.

I love Etsy . . .

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Helping Haiti

14 Jan
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Haiti is nestled amongst some amazing places — Cuba, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands . . . but it is not as wealthy and wonderful as many of these resort communities. Haiti is incredibly poor. On a good day in Haiti, electricity may not be reliable. They have suffered from poverty, political corruption, hurricaines, and more . . . and now a 7.0 earthquake. I remember what the 7.9 felt like and how frightening and disorienting it was for the day or two until our infrastructure recovered and we are back to mostly normal. The infrastructure in Haiti was never as good and won’t be able to heal as quickly. The damage is more severe and the suffering will be — is — huge.

Every little bit of help makes a huge difference when the stakes are this high.

I am a big fan of the Red Cross. So, I have chosen to donate through them. There are other organizations that are pulling together donations, resources, and help for Haiti. Google has put together a Crisis Response Page with lots of resources for helping. Please do what you can.

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