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Traveling . . .

28 Jun


I like myself better when we’re traveling.  Greg and I haven’t been on a long camping trip since our Honeymoon (3 weeks in the Southwest) and I had forgotten/not realized/not known how much more relaxed, happy, and pleasant to be around I am when we’re on the road.

Little things don’t bother me.  Even big things, such as breaking down at a truck stop in Laramie, don’t make me stressed and anxious.  I snap at the kids less. I grump at Greg less.  I feel more engaged in each moment.

When we do weekend camping trips, I honestly find it to be less than relaxing.  I still have fun but camping is a lot of work and when I’m stressed from work . . . well, it’s hard to let it go for just two days.  Last summer, when we did our week in Sequoia, I felt some of what I’m feeling now but with this long trip, it’s pretty amazing how I have changed.  like the person I

708 in Valentine, SD

I’d hate to ask my family who they like better . . . but I know who I like better . . . Camping Liza.  So, the question is, how do I carry this positive, can-do, I won’t get thrown by life, whatever, let’s just solve the problem and get ‘er done attitude with me when I return to real life . . . because unless we start buying lottery tickets in every state, I will be returning to real life and I don’t want to be as stressed and irritable as I know I was this last year.  I’ll think on it . . .


New birds for today

16 Jun

If it’s Wednesday, we must be in Nebraska! We finally made it to Minden, NE today. Amusingly, whenever we’ve told people in Nebraska that we’re going to Minden, they have struggled not to say, “WHY???” They have politely asked things like, “Oh, do you have family there?”

Anyway, I woke up and went for a walk in Sidney, NE this morning. I saw Western Kingbirds as well as Common Grackles. Both are lifebirds for me. Hurrah!

Western Kingbird, Sidney, NE

For mammals, today, I saw more Pronghorns as well as a couple of adorable bunnies!  My daughter and her new friend caught a toad and they showed it to me.  Later, one tried to jump on my foot as I walked by.

I also got to remember why I will tolerate hot, sticky, humid nights . . . because fireflies like it so much!

Actual Birding

16 Jun

I actually did some real birding today . . . well, my version of it, at any rate.  This whole trip (we’re on Day 5), I’ve mostly done 60 mph birding from inside the motorhome and my list is pretty impressive . . .

  • Pine Siskin (Reno, NV)
  • Red-Shoulder Hawk (Fernley, NV)
  • Ravens (everywhere between the Sierras and central Wyoming)
  • Black-billed Magpies (Salt Lake City)
  • Sandhill Crane (Park City, UT) LIFER
  • American White Pelicans (Echo Reservoir, Coalville, UT)
  • Tree Swallows (Echo Canyon, UT)
  • American Robin (Little America, WY)
  • Prairie Falcon (Hwy 80, Mile 138, WY) LIFER
  • Gulls (Laramie, WY)
  • Barn Swallows (Laramie, WY)
  • Horned Lark (Nebraska, near border with Wyoming) LIFER
  • Western Kingbird (Sidney, NE) LIFER

Mammal List thusfar

  • coyote (Wells. NV) — ran in front of motorhome, thankfully we didn’t hit it
  • Pronghorn, Antelope (from NV/UT border, through Wyoming, and into Nebraska)
  • Fox
  • bunnie
  • countless variations on ground squirrel/prairie dog

Western Kingbird, Sidney, NE

This morning, though, I got up early, took my camera and went on a walk around our campground.  I didn’t see many birds but any day that includes a lifer is just fine with me!

On the road!

13 Jun

We’re on the road. For the next little while I’ll mostly be blogging on my camping site. Check it out … The Journey is the Thing. We’ll be camping for the next 5 weeks!


6 Jun

The things you see

Sometimes you find yourself feeling kind of small.

I’ve been neglectful lately.  Neglecting my blog, my birds, birding in general, writing, creativity.  I’m not making excuses but life — especially the life of a teacher near the end of the school year — interferes with what I’d really like to be doing.  Sometimes escaping into fake farms and sparkling jewels is important to let my brain rest up.

This has been an interesting year for me.  There’s some growth.  There’s some challenges.  There’s just stuff.

Still, when I went to my long neglected blog today, dusted off the cobbies, and looked carefully, I felt a little small.  There were comments.  People have been visiting.  People cared about my posts . . . even when I clearly didn’t care all that much.  So, I felt a little small.

But summer is nearly here.  I am feeling a renewal in my spirit.  An urge to charge up my camera batteries, dig out my binoculars, stitch something pretty, and to write.

Hopefully, things won’t be as dusty here for the next little while.