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The beach and sand . . .

30 Aug

Paula Poundstone is a very funny woman and there are gems of truth in her funniness.  Like this . . . that she said on Twitter on Sunday: I love the beach. I just hate sand.

You know what, I agree.  Yup.  What she said.

Oregon's Beautiful Coast

Beaches are beautiful and relaxing and inspirational. Beaches soothe your soul and smooth your feet. Beaches are peaceful and contemplative. I love beaches.

Natural bridge

Beaches are awe-inspiring and small. Beaches are full of life and empty of distractions. Beaches are exciting and calming.

Oregon coast

But sand . . .

I hate sand. It’s gritty and sticky and itchy. It gets into and onto everything. It fills your shoes and blows in your eyes. Sand loves to find food. Sand finds its way into places its not meant to be. Sand is just plain annoying.  I hate sand.

It was windy at the beach

This beach is on the Oregon Coast . . . home of some really spectacular beaches that I love . . . except for all the sand.