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I am a shlub . . .

31 Aug

But, I’m an unabashed shlub.

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I have a degree in English Language and Literature. By rights, I should be staying up too late reading high literature.  My literary decisions should be between re-reading Moby Dick (not gonna happen, folks!) or some obscure poet translated from his or her original language (probably not going to happen either).

Instead, I read for fun.  I read to relax.  I read for pure pleasure.

One of the many, many reasons I’m glad I have a Kindle is that I can read for pure pleasure and no one has any idea what I’m actually reading.

I can read a hot, steamy romance novel that borders on the pornographic or I can read a quick, intense mystery where the evil doer is clear to all from page 3.  And, it looks just the same as if I am reading Sherlock Holmes (which I might also be doing, thank you very much).

I have friends who love to recommend books.  I was looking at my overloaded bookshelves the other day and realized that I have six books sitting there that were highly recommended, that I started, that I couldn’t bear to finish.

My bumper sticker should say, “Life is too short to read painful, dull, obtuse books.”

I like my books to be fun, well-written, with great characters and humor and if I feel something while I’m reading, all the better.  Make me laugh.  Make me cry.  Make me frown with anger.  Make me pant a little at your hot monkey sex.  I’m a fan!

I am also a devoted reader.  If your books work for me, I’ll read them all.  I’ll buy them and read them and often re-read them.

I just found an author who I love.  I’m working my way through her books right now.  Her name is Kristan Higgans.  Her books are light and frothy but also make me laugh, cry, and all of that other stuff.  She writes with a delicacy that is refreshing.  She’s definitely a niche writer . . . her books have a similar feel to them but wow do they work for me.

See, here’s the thing.  I love to read.  I want to be transported away to another place and live another life.  I want to cry with the heroine when things are bad but with Kristan Higgins, I also find myself laughing out loud as I read too.

This, of course, annoys the heck out of Greg as I tend to read in bed while he’s asleep.  Oh well.  If any of this appeals to you, check out Kristan Higgins’ books and give her a try.  If not, find something that does work for you but for goodness sake, read!

And, me, I’ll be the one a little bleary-eyed with my students today because I read a little too long in bed last night.  Yawn!