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Wordless Wednesday – Pigeon Guilemots

17 Aug



Pigeon Guillemot


Look what I almost stepped on

16 Aug
Garter Snake photo

Garter Snake at school

I don’t know which one of us was more startled as I nearly stepped on this guy.  He was flattened out, soaking up heat from the cement.  He thought if he didn’t move, I wouldn’t see him.  He was firm in that conviction.  He held on to that thought as I stopped and said, “Oh my goodness!”  He continued to believe as I set my basket down and fumbled for my iPhone.  He had deep faith as I snapped a picture of him.

His belief was finally broken when I decided he’d better scoot off the path and touched him gently near that last big curve.  He scurried on his way but tossed baleful glances my way.

I couldn’t blame him.  Who likes to have their faith destroyed?

Sweetest Sight on our big Trip

15 Aug

Bebe bunny, Kent, WA

We saw lots of bunnies on our trip. Bunnies like campgrounds, we discovered. This bunny, however, was a bebe bunny. It hid under our motorhome while we were packing up to leave. It was curled up next to our “Brake Buddy” (which applies the brakes in my car when we are towing it to help out the motorhome). The black thing next to it is the cigarette lighter plug-in for it. That’s how tiny that bebe was.

We had to chase it out before we started up the motorhome . . . it would have been terrified when the engine roared above it. It ran and hid under another motorhome. I hope it’s momma showed up soon and took it to a safer place.

Wordless Wednesday – What Gage Found

10 Aug

Look what Gage found!