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Mice and Men

23 Sep

Greg is off camping tonight.  I cleaned up the motorhome last night and found mouse droppings (actually, they were pretty old and Ruby wasn’t interested in them so I don’t really think that Greg is camping with a mouse but one never really knows, does one?)

In the best laid plans department (the above taking care of the mice and men department), he is not camping where we had reservations for the weekend.  He’ll be camping a few hours south of that spot.  The campground where we had reservations was inexplicably closed.  Our friends arrived and were turned away.  Wacky.

We’ll be joining Greg (and any mice he may be camping with) tomorrow evening.  I am teaching all day and my day includes a field trip.  My class is going out on a boat in the Monterey Bay . . . so much fun!  We will be seeing all sorts of cool critters — birds, sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions, and more.  Can not wait!  Then I drive home, hand the kidlets to their parents, and pick up my own kids, the dog, and my 17-year-old nephew and we drive, drive, drive.

This squirrel was REALLY angry with me!

I know it’s not a mouse but it’s a rodent and it’s all I could find.  This is a squirrel that was really angry with me in Montana.