A new perspective . . .

19 Oct

I’m amazed by the long-lasting effect that our 5 week camping trip has had on me.  I haven’t been able to keep ALL of my positive vibes from the trip but I’m finding myself changed in unexpected ways.

Or is it serendipity that led me to photograph so many quilts that, as I look at them now, make me think of our trip? I doubt it’s coincidence — more likely a change in my perspective.  I found these quilts most inspirational.

Mother of the Forest

Mother of the Forest
© Carolyn Abbott, Sequim, WA

The day we spent on the Olympic Peninsula was truly memorable.  I think that seeing a Raven calling in the snowy forests in July was pretty special but the amazing differences between my temperate rainforests and the ones in Washington state was also memorable.  And, more than the differences, I remember the similarities.  Those forests may not have my glorious redwood trees but what they do have will do in a pinch!  They are very special, very deep and thoughtful forests.  This picture takes me back there.

Natural Wonders
Natural Wonders
© Kathy McNell, Tulalip, WA

When we reached the west coast, we felt that we were nearly home.  I’m sure the folks in Oregon and Washington would prefer NOT to hear that their fair states felt like home to one of those crazy Californians but it’s true.  There is a west coast sensibility and it just works for me.  Beyond that, the landscape started looking familiar.  There are so many amazing spots along the Oregon coast that looked just like this one . . . I can almost smell the sea air.

The Old Barn
The Old Barn
© Jo Baner, Bellingham, WA

To be fair, this does not make me think of Washington state where the artist is from.  To me, this takes me back to Nebraska and South Dakota and the many abandoned barns we saw with thunderclouds looming behind them.  I can almost hear the rumble of distant thunder.

This is Gonna Cost You
This is Gonna Cost You
© Janice W. Hearn, Sisters, OR

This guy has to make a second appearance.  Pelicans are such amazing birds.  I was so glad to see them when we got near the coast again . . . although, I did see a few in Utah and Yellowstone National Park.  Still, this image just screams Oregon coast to me.  Where is the Tillamook cheese and freshly smoked salmon?

Yellow Poppies
Yellow Poppies
© Caroline Sharkey, Australia

Home is California Poppies and while this artist is from Australia, our state flower looks just like these.  Utterly lovely.


One Response to “A new perspective . . .”

  1. Timothy 19 October, 2010 at 10:54 pm #

    These quilts are gorgeous!!!

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