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An Annual Tradition

4 Dec

We usually get our Christmas tree after Thanksgiving.  We go up to Crest Ranch in Bonny Doon, California.  It is on the ridge above our house.  It’s a beautiful location.

I love Crest Ranch

This one?

We have to examine each tree.

Should we cut it here?


We have fun along the way . . . all of it totally safe and legal.

Oh good!  Running with knives.

I'm tired of walking, Dad.

Hauling Gage

Uh-oh!  We broke the rules.

(Or not . . . oops!)

In the end, we are successful in choosing a beautiful tree.

Victory shot!

And have some special family time.

Father and daughter

And some eye-rolling good jokes . . .

Rolling her eyes at her mother

Still, I can’t imagine a better way to spend a cold, blustery Saturday morning. Fueled with hot chocolate and donuts, we drove up the mountain and found our symbol of the season this year. Success.

Isn't Crest Ranch gorgeous?

Happy Christmas, everyone!

Annual Teeter-totter picture