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Wishful Thinking

24 Jan


Sometimes everyone gets melancholy.
(Even if usually one is one who sees the positive in everything and annoys everyone with it)
Sometimes everyone feels a little lost.
Sometimes everyone feels a little separate.
Sometimes everyone feels a little distant and alone.
Sometimes everyone needs a little salt air, a little glimmer of sunset on the water, and a little sea spray
crashing on the rocks all night to renew the spirit and the soul.

© 2011, Liza Lee Miller.
Creative Commons License


53 books and nothing to read

17 Jan

Oh, the agony of a Kindle.  I have 53 books in my “to be read” category.  Seriously, 53 books.  That’s along with 6 in my currently being read category . . .

and I don’t want to read any of them right now.

Kindle with egret image

There’s nothing wrong with the books I have in my lists.  Some of them are excellent books that I’m really enjoying but I’m not in the mood for them right now.  I’ve been reading urban fantasy romance novels about human animal hybrids and vampires and the like.  That genre is still appealing to me buuuuuuut I hate to buy new books without knowing they are good and that I’ll like them.  What I’d really like is if my favorite authors would all come out with new books.  That would be GREAT!

Enough whining for now . . . guess I’ll go force myself to read something good that I’m not excited about . . .

A Murder of Crows

17 Jan

A Murder of Crows

We’ve long had ravens at my school however crows are making more and more of an appearance here, too.  Oddly, when crows show up, ravens usually leave.  I suspect it’s the abundance of food available here — kids are notoriously messy.  But, the Ravens and Crows seem to be working out a timeshare system where they use the playground at different times.  This flock (murder) of crows was on the playground (16 strong) until my camera appeared and then they all flew frantically off to these distant trees.  Sorry about the blur on this picture it’s zoomed in and super-cropped.

I love corvids.  The crows at our school are more skittish than the ravens who are brazen and will come look in our windows and land right on the railing outside my classroom and kronk at me.  They are heading for the garbage cans where the reach in with their beaks, pull up the plastic liner, hold it with a foot, and reach in again and again until they lift the food at the bottom to where they can reach it.  Tricksy critters, ravens.

And crows.


A Satisfying Day

15 Jan

Today was our every-other-monthly crafting day.  My mother couldn’t make it (sad!) but we had a GREAT day.  There was discussion of beading or crocheting so my amazingly clever sister found a project that combined both.  We made crocheted, beaded necklaces.  Jody found a tutorial and got us started.   I was so pleased . . .


Mostly because it turned out I was really good at this.  I’ll definitely be making more of these.  Hope my friends like them!

Almost worth getting up for . . .

14 Jan


Pink light silhouettes
an inky black tree angel
delightful morning

© 2011, Liza Lee Miller.
Creative Commons License

Tree Angel

13 Jan


Raven lands firmly
with a loud, decisive kronk
Unlikely Angel

© 2011, Liza Lee Miller.
Creative Commons License
Photo by Gage Miller, © 2011

Goodnight Moon

11 Jan


The moon
glimmers and shines
sinking in the sky


© 2011, Liza Lee Miller.
Creative Commons License



One misty moisty morning

10 Jan

We woke up early and headed off into the foggy morning and drove up.


Up and above and into a new world.

The fog seems like ocean.  The mountains become islands.  The distant Monterey peninsula becomes an exotic faraway island.

Ravens of Worth

10 Jan


I see this pair of ravens almost every morning.  They hang out in downtown Boulder Creek near the coffee shop I go to most mornings for my requisite cup of caffeine.  They are usually accompanied by a group of other ravens — who seem to be under them in their social ranking.  These two hold themselves above the others who squabble and search out food on the street or on nearby roof tops.  It’s clear that this pair has the BEST spot to perch and the others simply have to make do.

Parenting Highlight

9 Jan

Sometimes as a parent, we get to sit back and feel proud . . . for at least a moment or two.

After saving for more than a year, our kids saved enough to meet their goals.  So, we took them to the Apple Store yesterday and watched them spend their money.

They are happy kids today.

And, I’m a pretty proud mom.