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Packed away . . .

6 Jan

Another christmas bird

Long night, packing away
Sparkle and color and light
Confined to boxes, sealed up tight
The glorious tree awaits the compost truck
And the holidays are over.


© 2011, Liza Lee Miller.
Creative Commons License



5 Jan

California Towhee nest

In the spring, there were baby birds
not dead leaves.
Wisteria makes a wonderful hidey-hole for birds;
dense foliage, sturdy branches
The Towhees love it.
I hear them through my open window,
cheerfully chirruping the rising sun.

© 2011, Liza Lee Miller.
Creative Commons License


4 Jan

While my site isn’t the type where people vie to get to make the FIRST comment on each post, I would like to think that the birds were vying to be my first bird of the year.

I’d be kidding myself, however.  New Year’s Day found me still battling a nasty cold.  Therefore my butt stayed planted on the couch all day.  We headed over to my mother-in-law’s for dinner in the late afternoon.  My eyes were peeled as we drove to her place.  We were 9 miles away before I saw a bird.  Really.  I couldn’t believe.

Finally, when we stopped for gas, I saw a trio of Common Ravens flying high over the redwood forests of Henry Cowell State Park.

This guy was wondering around my school just asking me to capture it and show the beautiful beak and  hidden colors in his (her?) feathers.  Gorgeous creatures.  (Despite appearances, this bird was not one-legged!)

I started a new year list.  Wonder if I’ll keep it updated this year.

Back at it . . .

3 Jan


The day awaits me.  Vacation is over.

(And, yes, I survived the return to school with grace and style!)

Rain . . .

2 Jan

Moss on Oak

Rain falls for days
Sunshine is a rare surprise
Between drippy downpours

© 2011, Liza Lee Miller.
Creative Commons License


2 Jan



We rang in the new year with sparkles and friends.   We toasted the new year.

My resolution this year is simple.  I am going to resolve to carry my camera with me and share my thoughts and visions in this blog.  I’ve drifted away from that this year and I need to get back to it.

And birds.  I gotta get back to the birds.  Wonder what my first bird of 2011 will be . . .

Hopeful, Happy New Year

1 Jan

wild flower in front of my house

All is gray and brown.
Pebbles, bare branches, dead leaves.
Sudden burst of pink

© 2011, Liza Lee Miller.
Creative Commons License