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California in the Winter

9 Feb

Oh sure, I know, it’s always better when you have four real seasons.  California only has two seasons, right?  Fire season and earthquake season?  I’ve heard the jokes.

But, this is how I spent last Saturday.


I was looking at this.  A spectacularly beautiful sunny day in Pacific Grove watching birds and having a glorious time basking and soaking up some unexpected summer Vitamin D.

Winter is, honestly, not usually this nice in California.   I’m sure I’ll be whining about lack of water in the summer but I’m enjoying it now.

And, I saw this little sweetheart hanging out on the rocky shore below me.  It’s a Surfbird (correct me, if I’m wrong).

Surfbird (Aphriza virgata), Lover's Point, Pacific Grove, CA

So, what was your best bird of the weekend?  And, could you see it through the snow?  🙂