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Common Merganser

21 Mar

A colorful bird with a cool ‘do

I’m still working on getting that razor-sharp focus.  Although, I love the mid-air drop of rain.  Pretty cool.  Loving playing with the camera.  These guys were happy to pose for me but the rain finally drove me away.


Overflowing emotions

13 Mar

My heart is bleeding for Japan.  We went to a celebration of life today.  My husband’s Aunt turned 90.  It was a lovely party filled with her friends and family. Her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were there.  It was funny and touching.


I kept thinking about families that would not be able to celebrate such moments with their families anymore.


First Bird . . .

9 Mar

. . . shot with my Rebel.

Dark-Eyed Junco (female)

It should have been a Raven rather than this sweet female Dark-Eyed Junco.  I was walking up to my classroom and this brazen Raven was on the railing, eyeballing the trash can.  I went into my classroom, got the camera, came back out and the Raven is fine with all this activity.  But, the simple act of turning on the camera and lifting it to point at the Raven caused it to fly off, kronking at me in a most irritated manner.

I was really hoping the curse was on the camera.  But clearly, I am the one cursed by the Ravens.  Sigh.

I know the picture is focused on the tree and not the junco.  I know you can see the fence too clearly.  But, it’s my first bird with the Canon.  Can I keep a list of just bird I’ve taken pictures of with the Canon.  That’s got to be more important than my county list or country list, don’t you think?

Upgraded . . .

8 Mar

Delicate blossoms

I have a new toy. My loving husband got me a new camera . . . well, new to me.  Gotta love Craig’s List.  I have loved my old camera.  It was a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FM7.   It took some amazing photographs . . . and, honestly, I think it took the shots.  I just pointed and it did the rest.

I did some research on my upgrade camera.  It definitely needed to have the ability to change lenses.  It definitely needed a big ol’ screen on the back.  It definitely needed to have great automatic features.  It definitely had to be a few years old so I could afford it.

I settled on the Canon Rebel XSI.  It was new in 2008.  It has everything I wanted.  It is even super complicated and slightly intimidating.  I LOVE it!  I searched for a few days and found it.  I picked it up last night.

Why does buying something from Craig’s List make me feel as though I’m doing some sort of illicit deal.  I’ll meet you at the place (it’s always a Starbucks).  You bring the camera.  I’ll bring the cash.  I’ll be wearing a red rose behind my right ear.  The code phrase is, “It only rains on Sundays.”

Anyway, this is the first REAL picture I took with it.  I’m pretty pleased with it. I’ve got a lot of work to do learning to use it . . . even on auto-everything mode.  But, what a great challenge.

My husband tells me that I can’t sleep with it at night and that I really need to stop petting it and calling it “my precious.”


Spring is coming, right?

6 Mar

I’m starting to feel ready for Spring.
I’m starting to feel soggy with mushrooms growing around my edges.
I’m starting to think longingly of pink blossoms and yellow daffodils.
I’m starting to hope Spring is coming soon.