Coolest Birds in Utah (well, sort of)

17 Jul

Ravens over Bryce

(Continuing in my series of photos of bird silhouettes with clouds and sky)

When we went to Bryce Canyon, I was not up for hiking.  We’d hiked the Virgin Narrows the day before and my body was done!  It’s an amazing hike that should be on everyone’s bucket list!  I’ve done it twice now and I’d do it again in a heartbeat but it’s tough and I had a fall that wrenched my shoulder so I wasn’t hiking at Bryce.

So, I stayed topside while Greg, Gage, and Ruth descended into the hoodoo-filled landscape.  Never fear . . . there was a family of ravens to keep me entertained.  There were two parents and four offspring.  They were working on flying successfully above the canyon.  I must have shot a hundred pictures of them.  Don’t worry, I won’t share them all!

Raven at Bryce

Ravens over Bryce

Ravens at Bryce

Oh, and the real coolest bird in Utah?  Well, there are California Condors at Zion.  Greg saw one but I didn’t.  Disappointment.


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