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Focus on the little things . . .

26 Jul

Blue Damselfly

One of my goals on my trip was to get better at using my new camera.  I love taking Macro shots but was having a little trouble with focusing.  I think I figured it out while shooting one of the hundreds of damselflies at the Pahrangat National Wildlife Area.  I love how the head is in focus and the tail, closer to me, is not.
Wild Rose

I was able to get focused on this wild rose bud in the Eastern Sierra mountains using the same technique . . . and waiting for the breeze to stop moving it wildly.

Flower, Silverton, CO

Sometimes the camera can do it for you but sometimes you need to force it to capture what you want.

Butterfly at Pecos National Monument

And, sometimes you just have to shoot lots and lots of pictures and hope that the breeze, the flittering butterfly, and your camera conspire to get what you were hoping for.

Skill or luck . . . I’ll take the good results whenever I can.