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Look what I did!

25 Mar

I made this crocheted cowl yesterday! It was amazingly easy and so much fun to do. I’ve never crocheted much but this project was so satisfying — easy, quick, and beautiful when done!

Being crafty — it’s a good thing.




21 Mar

Four ravens soaring
Playing tag in the blue sky
Suddenly, it’s Spring

Just imagine walking outside, seeing these amazing birds soaring over the redwoods … What an inspirational start to Spring!

Copyright 2012 Liza Lee Miller

My what a big girl you are . . .

15 Mar

Meet Freya.  She’s a 6 month old bebe Irish Wolfhound.  Can’t you tell how tiny and delicate she is?  Fragile is the word, I think.

She’ll be coming home to us at the end of the month.   Can you imagine what Ruby is going to think?  Oh my.

Sometimes the rain

14 Mar

Rain in my driveway

drip drop
at a time
sometimes the rain falls
to shower our whole world in grief

© 2012, Liza Lee Miller.  All rights reserved.


13 Mar

Flower from Santana Row

I like my new macro lens for my iPhone.  I like it a lot.  I was amazed at how close to the flower I had to get for the camera to focus but then the results made me all giddy!

Glimpsing the future . . .

9 Mar

Hinting at good things to come . . .

New toys!

8 Mar

All the hipster camera peeps would say that they got “new glass” for their birthday but I’m just not that cool!

Still, my cool factor must have shot up by about a billion since my wonderful, thoughtful, loving husband got me these cool lenses for my iPhone!

I know, right? They are from the awesome Photojojo Store!. They are very tricky in how they work. You stick a nifty sticky-back magnetic ring on to your camera and then the lenses just magnetically attach.

I took this picture with the telephoto right away last night.

You can’t use flash so this pic is very grainy. That’s the low light . . . not the lens quality. I’m really excited about the telephoto and the macro but I imagine I’ll find some fun things to do with the wide angle and the fish eye lenses as well.

My iPhone is getting all tricked out for our next Summer adventure. More on that in a future post . . . assuming there are any. Given my track record . . . one never knows!


Proud as pie.

1 Mar

Is pie proud?  Is this an old saying or a figment of my feeble mind?

Anyway . . .

I’m proud as pie because we just did something very cool here at the Miller household.  We got a Groupon for a company called Picture it on Canvas.  You send them your picture (electronically) and they print it on canvas.  And you hang it on your wall . . .

So, we did.

Here is a picture I took two years ago in the Badlands . . .

After the storm, Badlands National Park

“Isn’t it gorgeous?” she queried modestly.

I know it is — it’s okay.  With a scene like that, it would have been hard to shoot it poorly.  I mean, look at that.

Here’s the final result hanging on our dining room wall.  And, just a warning, I was in a hurry . . . why wait for gorgeous daylight when I can hang it in the yellowy glow of the chandelier against the yellow paint of the walls and . . .

Photo printed on canvas

Yea, I’m kind of chuffed about it . . . I think we’ll definitely be ordering another one — inspiration to take more amazing pictures, huh?  My architect is envisioning a triptych over the woodstove on the stone fireplace.