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Wordless Wednesday

22 Jul

The most viewed photo in my Flickr account.

Raven Silhouette I


Wordless Wednesday

1 Jul


Wordless Wednesday

6 May

barbed wire and wildflowers

Rain glistened rust spikes
tiny webs
yellow surprises

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Wordless Wednesday: Enjoying the View

29 Apr


Wordful Wednesday

1 Apr

Light is barely discernible
The trees are inky black
But the robin sings of light and love and hope.
Sing the morning into being.

© 2009, Liza Lee Miller
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Wordless Wednesday: Visions in Pink

25 Mar

"tulip tree"

Wordless Wednesday: California Poppies

17 Mar


Wordless Wednesday: Images of Kindle 2

25 Feb

The Graveyard Book on Kindle 2

The first book I’m reading on my Kindle:  The Graveyard Book.  Neil Gaiman’s Newbery Award winning book!

Birds on my Kindle2

Kindle has wonderful screensavers . . . including beautiful birds!

Wordless Wednesday – Driving in the Rain

18 Feb


Wordless Wednesday – American Robin (Turdus migratorius)

11 Feb

American Robin