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My newest most very favoritest bird artist

23 May

Melody Lea Lamb is it.  What is cuter than cute little critters done in a teensy-weensy format?  Nothing, that’s what.  This stuff is the cutest!  Check out the bird section . . . I defy you to avoid buying.  It’s cute.  Really cute.  And, it’s inexpesive and nothing – but – nothing is cuter than inexpensive cute little critters done in a teensy-weensy format!


An Awesome Gift

23 Dec

Teachers get lots of gifts at the holidays.  Sometimes we get good gifts and sometimes not so good ones.  I have been quite lucky in my gifts.  But this year, I feel truly blessed.  One of my students has parents and grandparents who are potters.  I guess she shared with them my love of all things Raven because this was my gift from them.

Raven mug by Jen Hennig

An amazing Raven head.  He will take a place of honor in my home.  I can’t believe how fantastic he is. I suspect that she’s spent as much time admiring Ravens as I have.  I literally gasped and clutched it tightly when I opened it.  Right now it’s on the windowsill in my kitchen and I am admiring it several times a day.

I’d like to share the name of the artist and her contact information but I’m not going to in order to preserve her daughter’s privacy.

Gorgeous bird art

1 Mar
Being at the Quilt Show last weekend, got me thinking about bird art again. I revisited the post I did from the Pacific International Quilt show and was impressed again by the interpretation of birds in fabric.

Three Guinea Fowl

Three Guinea Fowl by Pamela Allen

Birds are springing up in art all over the place.

Of course, the amazing Julie Zickefoose rates high on anyone list of bird artists.

Another artist I enjoy is Pajama Mama. She doesn’t have a lot of birds but they are wonderful!

I also discovered Gina Mikel — I love her Puffin — so cute!

I can’t believe how lovely these prints by Kareem Rizk are. Wow!

My “favorites” list at etsy has some amazing bird art as well.There is a fantastic online exhibit of bird art at the Hill Ornithology Collection at Cornell University Library.

Someday, I’ll have time to create quilts again and you can be sure that birds will feature prominently in my quilting efforts. In the meantime, I’ll have to enjoy my bird art in other ways!

So, question.  Do you have a favorite bird artist that I need to know about?