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Impressions of a Quilt Show

28 Feb

I went to the Pajaro Valley Quilt Association 30th Annual Quilt Fair last weekend. It was a wonderful break from working on the house — and, well, life. This is a small show — only 7oo+ quilts rather than the thousands that I saw at the big quilt show in October. I didn’t see enough bird quilts to do an entire posting of them this time. Quilts are works of art that can keep you warm or can decorate your walls. I have dabbled in the world of quilting and will return to it someday but I love seeing the quilts at a show.

Sea Siren Sendoff
Sea Siren Sendoff, artist: Rhonda Babu

Sugar Skulls
Sugar Skulls, artist: Alexandra Burg
Close up of skulls

My Friendship Quilt
My Friendship Quilt, artist: Patsy Rice

The Colors of Acadia
The Colors of Acadia, artist: Chris Lewis

Raven's Choice
Raven’s Choice, artist: Laurel Turner
(We’ll ignore the fact that they clearly aren’t ravens! 🙂 )

Feathered Friends
Feathered Friends, artist: Anne Tokarz

Close ups of Feathered Friends:
Feathered Friends, cu2 Feathered Friends, CU

LIsa's Wedding Quilt
Lisa’s Wedding Quilt, artist: Madeline Zaun

Tranquility Bay
Tranquility Bay, artistt: Roz diNatale

My favorite part of the show is the Quilt Auction:

Auctioneers at PVQA Show

I don’t remember the auctioneer’s name but his helper is called “Sleepy.” They are livestock auctioneers and donate their services to the quild each year to do this. The quild raises money for good works through this auction. It’s so much fun. Many people have never been to an auction like this before and have to learn — sometimes the hard way — that waving at a friend in the middle of an auction is akin to bidding on a quilt! I couldn’t stay for the whole thing but I enjoyed what I did see.