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An Awesome Gift

23 Dec

Teachers get lots of gifts at the holidays.  Sometimes we get good gifts and sometimes not so good ones.  I have been quite lucky in my gifts.  But this year, I feel truly blessed.  One of my students has parents and grandparents who are potters.  I guess she shared with them my love of all things Raven because this was my gift from them.

Raven mug by Jen Hennig

An amazing Raven head.  He will take a place of honor in my home.  I can’t believe how fantastic he is. I suspect that she’s spent as much time admiring Ravens as I have.  I literally gasped and clutched it tightly when I opened it.  Right now it’s on the windowsill in my kitchen and I am admiring it several times a day.

I’d like to share the name of the artist and her contact information but I’m not going to in order to preserve her daughter’s privacy.


More fun Bird Products

23 Mar

Please tell me I am not alone in my penchant for odd, even bizarre, products with birds on them . . .

Dressed Corvid from Egg Mercantile

Other cool products there with an avian bent Oiseaux de Paradis, Birdy Snap Wallet II, and Boîtes à trésors – Oiseaux.  Are there more?  Mais oui! Oh, and remember this shop is in Europe so the money is euros and everything will have to be shipped.

Adorn Jewelry — on Etsy, of course — has fantastic jewelry with birds.

The little bird necklace is also an Etsy find by redbench.   Just adorable — love the three little red beads just for fun.


These bird vases by artist J. Mendicino are simply too wonderful for words!  They come in large and small but I don’t see why they are sold individually — how could you not have them together?  They’d get lonely!  I found these in Three Potato Four — a very fun shop.

Happy Spring!  Enjoy the birds — outside on the feeders or inside on the tables.