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A new simple pleasure

12 Jan

When asked, I will generally say that I am a Coca-Cola drinker. It’s my soda of choice. However, I rarely choose it anymore unless we’re out and I’m getting fast food. I keep it in the house but don’t reach for it to drink.

At Thanksgiving, my mother turned me on to Lemon Italien Soda that she got at Trader Joe’s. It was magnificent. I was hooked.

The trouble is that I rarely get to Trader Joe’s. It’s far away and I don’ t have time to visit an extra store just to get Italian Soda. I resigned myself to only having it very occasionally. But, I found it at one of our local markets. They had a Lime flavor that was fantastic!

Then I found it at Safeway. Their O Organics line has Italian Soda in great flavors like Lemon, Pomegranate, and Blood Orange. They are delish! Lots of flavor, light fizziness, utterly thirst quenching.

If you haven’t been daring — try one. They are fantastic! And, while I haven’t tried it yet, I imagine they are amazing when poured over vodka — or the alcoholic beverage of your choice! Yum!