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A New House Guest or two or more?

19 Apr

When we drove up to the house today, Ruth called out, “There’s a Steller’s Jay in the wisteria! Ooooo, there’s another one!” My first thought was “Uh-oh!” After all, ’tis Spring and a young jay’s mind turns to nests and eggs. We haven’t had good luck with Jays nesting in our porch before — or any bird nesting in our porch before. But, Steller’s Jays in particular struggle with nesting around our house. And, yes, there were two Steller’s Jays looking most intently at our porch.

Steller's Jay nest in progress

While I was taking the below picture of their nest, one of them flew in with a stick, saw me at the last second, and did a dramatic arial maneuver before landing across the street and squawking at me!

Steller's Jay would-be parent

The other one sat in my cherry tree and gave me the stink eye.

Steller's Jay

While I wish these beautiful, raucous birds the best of luck in their family building plans, I kind of hope they decide our porch is too busy and choose somewhere else to build. The first summer we were in the house, someone built a nest in our porch. I heard chicks peeping one day and then nothing. I’m sure some rodent — squirrel or rat got them. It’s just not a safe place plus we are in and out all the time. Steller’s Jays are certainly brassy and bold but I’d imagine they’d find our activity level annoying.

I’ll keep you posted.