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Reason #4,537 that I love my husband

12 Jan

Last week, Greg attended MacWorld. While there, he bought the kids some games for their computer. Very sweet and thoughtful but not worthy of a declaration of undying love, I think.

When he got home, he had worked up a plan. Our Christmas tree was still standing with just the lights left on it. He asked me to wrap up the games and put them under the tree, way in the back. Then, we had the kids help him take the lights off the tree.

And, of course, they found the gift which was labeled to them from Santa.

Can you imagine the glee?

What a guy he is.


Patience is a virtue, they say

28 Dec


Patience is not my strong suit, to say the least but I must practice it right now.  For Christmas this year, my husband has gotten me an Amazon Kindle.  It is what I wanted and I did hint rather strongly (pretty much sent him 2 articles a week about the wonders of the Kindle).  Kindle is a hot commodity right now.  They are sold out following their endorsement of Oprah earlier this year.  In addition, Amazon is evidently preparing to release Kindle 2 and speculation is rampant that they are not shipping any Kindles until the 2 is released in February.  But, Amazon isn’t saying anything and it’s really all just speculation.  But, speculating helps pass the time.

So, what am I doing while I’m waiting?  There are things to do while waiting for your new Kindle.

  • cancel all the “pre-order” book orders I’ve placed on Amazon for my favorite books
  • add those “pre-order” books to my wishlist in the Kindle versions (when I can)
  • read blogs about Kindle such as thekindle.wordpress.com
  • window-shop for pink goodies to go with my Kindle
  • window-shop for pink decals for my Kindle
  • update my wishlist on Amazon for books that I want to have on my Kindle
  • think about accessories that I need for my Kindle like a book light, car charger, screen protector, and the like.

These things pass the time but, oh my, it’s a still hard to wait.  Sigh.  Poor me.


Ruby Tuesday — Christmas Wishes

24 Dec

My wish for all of you is that you have a

joyous Christmas filled with happiness and love.

Ruby, on the other paw, wishes for a torment-free Christmas.

Ruby's Christmas Sweater

A Christmas without sweaters. Without hats.

I won't move - even with a cookie on my head

A Christmas without cookies on your head.

I hate Christmas!

Ruby wishes this for the whole world, but mostly, she wishes it for herself.

Christmas Generator - http://www.christmastext.com
Christmas Comments - http://www.christmastext.com

Boulder Creek starts the Christmas Season

8 Dec

All the towns around here have their town Christmas trees — as many towns do — since we live in the Redwoods, all of ours are Redwoods. They are huge. In my not-so-humble opinion, Boulder Creek has the best Christmas tree going. It’s huge and beautiful. I love driving into town at night and seeing it lit up at the end of town. Scotts Valley and Felton both have their trees lit up but their trees are lit in an odd way and look like giant potatoes draped with lights. Quite odd. {click}

Boulder Creek lit up our tree in our unique fashion tonight. We started the evening in a rather hectic way. Friends invited us to a party at their house. The plan was a potluck, then everyone walks down to town to watch the tree lighting, and then we walk back and eat dessert. Totally fun. I didn’t walk — terrible asthma right now — but it was a lot of fun.

Everyone gathers along our main road as it gets dark. A group is singing Christmas carols (badly), everyone is talking and socializing. It’s wonderful. It’s cold but not horribly so. And suddenly, there is a wail of sirens from the far end of town. The fire trucks are coming. They escort Santa into town riding high up on one of the trucks, waving at all the people.

Fire trucks delivering Santa so he can light our tree

 All the crowds listen (or try to) as Santa talks to everyone.  We were across the street and couldn’t hear a thing but no one minds.  It’s all fun.  The building there behind the crowd is a coffee shop called Rainbow’s End.  It is built around a Redwood Tree.  The tree goes up through the roof.  That is the tree that light’s up.  Watch carefully. . . .

The crowd listens to Santa talk

There it is!  Isn’t that beautiful? You can see how tall and lovely it is.  It lights up the whole town at night in December.

The Boulder Creek Christmas Tree

I love this town.  Today was also our “Community Partnership Day.”  All the businesses in Town gave a portion of their profits to the school today.  Of course, we promoted this effort, the classes made posters, and passed out flyers.  We announced it in our classroom newsletters and on our website.  It’s this kind of effort that makes me love teaching in a small town — that and getting “Hi, Ms Miller”ed when we’re at events like this.