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Halloween 2008

3 Nov

Welcome to my front porch

Welcome to my house on Halloween.  I don’t go for very scary — don’t want the little ones to be too scared to trick or treat.  The kids really had fun picking out their pumpkins and carving them.  Carving pumpkins is Greg’s territory.  I take a bunch of seeds and toast them — yum!  I have had limited success in the past so I followed Pioneer Woman’s recipe today {click}.  She’s pretty reliable and they were delish!  We gobbled them all down — even the notoriously picky Ruth!

Ruth's pumpkin

Ruth couldn’t figure out how to get the eyebrows in so we pulled out that Sharpies.  There aren’t many problems that Sharpies can’t fix!

Gage's pumpkins

Gage took the Sharpie idea and ran with it.  He chose two little bitty pumpkins and had a blast decorating them.

Halloween Costumes

Gage chose to be Indiana Jones this year and Ruth was a Gypsy Fortune Teller.  We built most of their costumes ourselves.  I got Gage the wonderful hat and his favorite item . . . the whip!  Ruthie got a new pair of large Silver earrings.  Everything else came out of the their closets, or mine, or their Auntie Jennifer (who used to visit New Orleans regularly for Mardi Gras and has the most amazing collection of beads!).

It was a good Halloween.  The weather cooperated — the rain held off until about 8pm which was exactly when our kids got back from touring the neighborhood houses.

Dry kids.  Full candy bags.  Cheap costumes.  Yup.  It was a good Halloween.


Fall Ritual – Pumpkin Farm

27 Oct

Pumpkins 2008

Provoke smiles
and much silliness
Soon they will be Jack O’Lanterns

©2008 Liza Lee Miller