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Handsome Buteo Bird

21 Feb

Red-Shouldered Hawk on power pole

See Susan, I’ve been seeing Red-Shouldered Hawks too. I saw this one fly over the road and land here. Gorgeous thing. He obligingly let me take a couple of shots and then flew to a nearby tree where he also posed beautifully. Love, love, love these birds!

Red-Shouldered in Redwood tree

Standard Disclaimer: I am not a hawk identifying expert. If all the comments attached to this blog point out that this is not a Red-Shouldered Hawk but instead a Greater Pink-breasted Eagle Owl, well, I stand corrected and will be more careful in the future. The streaky red breast and the white dabbles on the shoulder screamed RSHA to me — oh and I saw it’s tail while in flight — totally black and white bands. But, you know those Greater Pink-breasted Eagle Owls can be tricky to ID so bring it on, people.