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Kitchen Floor!

25 May

Kitchen Floor

The last step in the kitchen remodel is to cover up The World’s Ugliest Floor ™.  There is something particularly satisfying in the fact that the new floor is going right over that gawdawful ugly floor.  Or maybe it’s just my laziness showing — we didn’t have to rip it all out!  Hurrah!  Greg was able to borrow some of the equipment from his uncle (a contractor) but no major home project is complete unless you have to buy some sort of equipment, right?  So, we now have an amazing new saw!

Kitchen Floor

I’m proud to say that I have made cuts on this saw — Aren’t you impressed?  Most importantly, however, the new floor is utterly beautiful!  It is strand bamboo from Lumber Liquidators.  It comes prefinished and is absolutely gorgeous.  It feels like satin underfoot.  The color is rich and makes the green cabinets look even more beautiful!  I LOVE it!  It’s not done yet — we’ll be using the same wood to do the toe kicks — but you can get a feel for it now.

Kitchen Floor

Now, of course, I really have to get to work and put all the kitchen stuff away.  Happy happy joy joy!


Kitchen counters . . . done (mostly)!

7 Apr

We finally, finally, finally got our laminate countertops installed today. Do I need to tell you how happy I am about this? Probably not!

What do we do now?

As this picture illustrates, we do not know how to do this. We’ve never installed laminate countertops before. We are very handy though and we figured it out with only one brief foray onto the Internets for advice. (Yes, we did glue the joints together as well as bolting them together). This was a difficult job but we got both countertops done in one day. I’m blown away with joy!

Ruth took the above picture of us. Aren’t I glamorous in my “working on the house” gear? Believe it or not, that sweatshirt used to be one I wore like out in public — rather than only with my painting overalls. Amazing, huh?

Dry fitting the longest countertop

We dry fit them together.

Making adjustments

Adjustments had to be made — this was somewhat heartbreaking but we managed to do a pretty good job cutting them. Although, I will admit that we’ll be adding more tile backsplash than we had planned. Much as I’d like to blame this problem on Home Depot, I can’t really. Home Depot cut them to our measurements quite well. However, the cabinet that the oven is in doesn’t have consistent measurements — or the wall is crooked or something. But, we fixed it.

Ain't it purty?

Aren’t they lovely? That is the tile that we’ll use for the backsplash. They are 12″x12″ and I’ll cut them in half to install. They will fit perfectly under the window sill. Don’t they match beautifully? Wow oh wow oh wow! At some point tomorrow, Greg will cut a big hole in this beautiful expanse so that I can have hot and cold running water in my kitchen. Sigh.

Testing them out!

They seem to work well

We had to get silly and celebrate the counters finally being in! Nothing like 8 and nearly 10 year olds for silly celebrations!

With new undercounter lights lighting them up

This is the other countertop — no holes go in here. Other than the tile backsplash, it’s done! Hurray! I love the pools of light the undercounter lights put on it.

Next steps:

  • installing backsplash tiles
  • Butcher block counter
  • Cutting holes for sink and cooktop
  • installing sink and cooktop
  • reconnecting all plumbing
  • doing dance of joy that my sink and dishwasher are operable again!


Newly installed glass tile!

Well, we had a slow Sunday — I got a little bit of glass tile installed. And, Greg got the cooktop installed! We’re happy with what we did but, my goodness, we had some delays!

Solving problems by waiting for inspiration

23 Feb

Greg and I have an ugly problem in our kitchen. Well, let’s face it, we’ve had loads of ugly problems and we are solving them one by one. The one that’s been bugging me lately was the hole in the front of our cabinet under the range. The problem was caused by the original (and horrible) electric range that lasted about a year before we ripped it out and put in my gas range.

The trouble was that the controls were push button controls on the front of the cabinet. An absolutely idiotic design in so-so-so many ways — particularly when we moved in to this house with an 18 month old boy who loved to push buttons. Thankfully, no fires resulted from those buttons. Still, we were glad to see them go.

But the hole remained. It got to where we didn’t see it anymore and that, my friends, is a dangerous thing.


And, here we are painting the cabinets and we still haven’t filled in the hole. We didn’t know what to do. Just covering it with a piece of wood would look like we’d covered up a hole. Filling it and patching it would never really hide it. What to do? What to do?

Inspiration struck me tonight, however. I got the idea of looking for a carved wooden panel that would look like we put it there on purpose. I couldn’t find anything good, however, but did find some neat wood onlays that I thought we could put on top of a plain old piece of wood and it would look like we’d done it one purpose.

At this point, I brought in my architect. Genius that he is, he immediately thought that my idea could be improved — perhaps by using decorative clay tiles. I didn’t like the idea but he persisted and found a great site with amazing tiles. He is using them for another job that he’s doing and so they came to mind. We looked at almost all the stuff before I saw something I liked.

And, when I liked it, I loved it. It’s beyond perfect. I didn’t need to look any further. It is the perfect tile to cover the hole in my cabinet. It will look not only like we put it there on purpose but like we flew to Italy to find the perfect tile to accent in our kitchen. It is beyond lovely. It suits us to a tee. It will be a gorgeous accent without competing with the gorgeous glass tile we are using as our backsplash. It is utterly perfect!


And that is why I married my architect. He is so damn handy to have around.

There is nothing like a coat of white paint

19 Feb


Days of labor. Hard labor. Sanding. Painting. Sanding. Painting. More sanding. More and more and more painting.

We got a lot done. All the cabinet interiors have a fresh clean coat of white paint. This was an involved process. We had to clean up the cabinets first. My mother-in-law and I took out old contact paper. My husband sanded and sanded and sanded. Then we used a white primer on the cabinets. Finally, we painted the interiors with a fresh, clean coat of pure white semi-gloss paint.

What an incredible amount of work this has been. We refuse to do a shoddy job. So much shoddy work has been done on this house over the years and we refuse to participate in that. So, we’re making it look GOOD!

And, eating out a lot!

We went to IKEA on Saturday night and picked up our cabinet innards. The new drawers but also pullouts for the cabinets.

Do we really need all these boxes?

It was a bit of a comedy of errors. All the IKEA people were great. I love that store even with long lines and tired screaming babies (not mine, thank goodness!).

Here are a few pics of the latest work efforts . . .

Greg and his mom, hard at work.

Working on everything . . . including the kitchen sink

A coat of primer and suddenly things look better. That yellow glow on the wall is the wall color (although it won’t be in that actual spot! 🙂 ) Isn’t it gorgeous? Like Alpenglow.

Somethings are not responding as nicely to the primer as we’d hoped! Rats!

Greg just wore himself out sanding.

Giving my old cutting board a new lease on life. I did the hand-sanding myself, thank you very much!

One of the drawers needed some glue (couldn’t get an IKEA drawer innard to fit 3 of the drawers in the kitchen). I like Greg’s unique clamping methods!

So, a coat of clean, white paint. Done! Next step, the finally selected green on the cabinet faces. Then, Greg adds all the innards and the hardware. Then, we paint the walls. After that, floors. Wonder what joys all that will entail.

Stay tuned!

Making progress

28 Jan

Sub-floor under dining room

Back in the depths of time, our house stood empty for a number of years and there was a lot of water damage done at the time.  Hey, we live in a temperate rain forest and lack of maintenance takes a toll quickly.  The hardwood floors that are under our carpet are in bad shape and in part of the dining room, no longer exist.  Fortunately, we’d already figured that out and planned to replace them with bamboo flooring.  Greg pulled back the carpet to see what he could see on Saturday.  While we were getting ready for a party.

Isn’t he lucky that I’m a good sport?

Anyway, it’s ugly but not surprising.  We’ll pull the rest of the carpet out soon.  We worked out a schedule — with rough dates and stuff.  First thing is to pack up the kitchen.  I can’t believe we’re there already.  Guess I’m getting some paper products at the grocery store tomorrow.  Then we’ll take out the countertops.  Then we paint the interiors of the cabinets.  Then we sand the doors and exteriors.  And, then we paint.  and paint.  and paint.

All in our copious free time.

Hopefully we’ll be done before the kids go away to college.

IKEA on a Sale Day = Insanity!

22 Jan

IKEA on a sale day

When I suggested we go, it sounded so innocent. But there was a sale on and so

  • we couldn’t find a parking spot — thankfully, one opened up on the very top level of the parking structure
  • the store was insanely crowded — thankfully, my children are old enough to not cry at IKEA anymore
  • it was hard to find someone to ask a question of — thankfully, when we did, they had the answer we needed
  • the line to check-out was really long — thankfully, my husband took the kids to get frozen yogurt
  • the 10 minute wait to pick up the drawer we ordered took 35 minutes — thankfully, that gave me time to get myself a frozen yogurt, too.

So, it was something of an exercise in madness to go on that day. If we didn’t drive an hour to get there, we would have turned around and come another day but we needed to finish what we started.

We got the trashcan that we want to put in our cabinets for trash and recycling. We have to decide if it will work for us or not. We also discovered that the drawers (see the picture above) will work for our drawers. We have like 8 drawers that need fixing — the hardware has disintegrated. Greg has been struggling to come up with a solution. But, IKEA to the rescue — he’s going to use their drawers and put our fronts back on them. It’s almost like I’m getting new drawers entirely and I’m thrilled. Between the new drawers and the hardware to make the cabinets function better, I’m almost enthused about this project now.

We also got most of the dining room cleaned out today — packed up have of my hutch and cleared out the excess furniture. We’ll cover the dining room table next (after protecting it with cardboard) and then we’ll be ready to start working. It’s nearly go time — shudder!

Oh, and we ordered our countertop — laminate-baby!  Very excited about it!

My Stainless Steel Appliances

13 Jan

I mentioned before that we have replaced most of the appliances in the kitchen.  The latest is this lovely GE Spacemaker microwave “over-the-range” hood. We’ve wanted one forever. It’s lovely, isn’t it?

The first appliance we replaced was my range — the old electric one resulted in many burned meals. We got a used one from a friend who was remodeling. It works great. We converted it to propane and have been thrilled with it. (I’ll take a picture and share it!)

Next, we got a new dishwasher. The old one was a joke and after the 3rd major repair, Greg was done fixing it. I love the new one.

And, someday, we’ll be getting one of these . . . but not anytime soon!