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Kitchen Update

9 May


Greg has installed nearly all the handles we picked out at IKEA.  I love them.  They add a real finishing touch to the cabinetry.  This weekend, he’ll finish that up.  My mother-in-law and I will probably finish the painting.  I will clean everything within an inch of its life and — floor or no floor — we’re moving back in.  My family is so done with eating out that it isn’t even funny.

The only thing I’ll be missing is my morning visit to our local coffee shop.  Jenna Sue’s has become our regular breakfast place — me and the kids.  We leave the house extra early.  I get a “triple mocha, non-fat, no whip” with either a mixed berry scone or a cranberry muffin.  Ruthie gets a toasted bagel with butter and sometimes strawberry jam if she’s feeling wild.  Gage gets a morning bun or a piece of their amazing coffee cake.  I hate to think what all this eating out has done to our budget but the reception and greetings we get there every morning are so worth it.  Still, even in the mornings, I’ll be okay with skipping the amazing mocha that someone else made me and the friendly welcome I get there in order to get a little extra time and my own kitchen back.  I can still go to Jenna Sue’s on the mornings I go in early for staff meetings!  Once a week ought to give me that small town time I crave!

And, I make a pretty mean triple mocha, nonfat, no whip myself!

Rock Wall

19 Nov

There really *is* something about a rock wall. To be honest, this was something I have always wanted to do — build a dry rock wall. I’m sure I saw it done on some gardening show and thought, “Oh, yea, that looks satisfying.” And, it was. Very.

We had a crew again — this time it was Greg, his mother, his nephew, and myself. We worked HARD! Two rock walls between 10 and 2 with time for lunch. Yup, we were working. But, it was totally worth it.

Rock Wall Building

The first wall is in front of our little “island.” There used to be a bunch of white posts there (you can see them in the back of our truck). They just didn’t suit the house. I think the rock walls look like they’ve been there forever. I love that. These rocks come with tons of moss on them which adds to that feeling. The other rock wall lines our driveway and makes a nice clean edge with our neighbor’s house. I think it looks fantastic.

new sledgehammer

We paid our nephew for his labor which was worth every penny. Not only did he work hard, but he did it without complaining. Good job! And, annoyingly, he didn’t have to take handsful of Aleve or Advil when he was done like us old folks. My mother-in-law worked the hardest, however. She always does. We had to stop her from lifting the biggest rocks. She’s amazing. We did have to purchase a new piece of equipment, however. Our old sledge gave up the ghost with a big CRACK when our nephew was helping to take out the wooden posts. He used it wrong and that was that. Thankfully, we’re 3 miles from town so I was back with a new sledge with a fiberglass handle in about 15 min. 🙂