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Beebee Update

13 Jun

Look who I caught visiting!

I caught one of the parents visiting the nest one morning.  It’s amazing to me how such an incrediably loud bird protects its nest by being so still and silent.

Closeup on the beebees

This was taken a couple of days ago — the beebees are sure growing.  There are three of them.  In the hot afternoon, I can see them clearly — still hard to get good pictures with a nest growing in Wisteria.

Early morning beebees

I took this one this morning.  The beebees are sure looking grown up.  Yesterday afternoon, in the heat, they were all sitting up and out — one of them was outside the nest.  Adventurous critters.  I didn’t notice until I put it up here, the 2nd little face peeping out from under the one.  Too cute!


You can’t hide . . .

5 Jun

Steller's Jay nest

A few weeks ago, I spotted a pair of Steller’s Jays building a nest in the wisteria on our front porch [click].  I was worried about all this as Jays are noisy, big birds.  But, this is one quiet Jay.  She doesn’t want us to know she’s there.  The touch of blue that showed up in my flash gives her away though.  We haven’t been avoiding the porch and often are out their being quite noisy before I remember our nesting Mama.  On the other hand, we’ve all be awakened by Steller’s Jays in the past so maybe this is just getting some of our own back!

Steller's Jay

Look at how beautiful they are — the striking contrast of black and bright blue, the lattice pattern on their wings, the bright blue eyebrows.  They are a totally stylish punk bird!  I feel honored to have them around us and nesting on our porch.  More to come . . .

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There is more in this series . . .

Widdle Beebees!

31 May

My parents live in the Sierra Nevada mountains at around 7,000 feet above sea level.  It is high desert.  Desolute and rugged and beautiful.  They love it there.  Ravens also love it there.  My parents went for a hike near their house recently and found this:

Raven Nest

A Raven’s Nest with widdle beebee Wavens in it!

Do you see those cute, little, bald, blind heads begging for food?  My mother said the noises emanating out of those little mouths was rather amazing.  Sort of a higher pitched “kronk.”  One of the parents was nearby shredding a squirrel into bits.  They didn’t want to get too close — which is why the image is blurry, they were at the full extent of their zoom — but couldn’t leave without taking a picture or ten.

When they got home, my mom called me full of the news.  I’ve never seen baby ravens.  By the time, Mom and Dad are bringing them to the playground at school, they pretty much look like Ravens.  I so wish I lived less than 5 hours away and had the leisure time to head up there and observe the ravens for a couple of weeks.

A New House Guest or two or more?

19 Apr

When we drove up to the house today, Ruth called out, “There’s a Steller’s Jay in the wisteria! Ooooo, there’s another one!” My first thought was “Uh-oh!” After all, ’tis Spring and a young jay’s mind turns to nests and eggs. We haven’t had good luck with Jays nesting in our porch before — or any bird nesting in our porch before. But, Steller’s Jays in particular struggle with nesting around our house. And, yes, there were two Steller’s Jays looking most intently at our porch.

Steller's Jay nest in progress

While I was taking the below picture of their nest, one of them flew in with a stick, saw me at the last second, and did a dramatic arial maneuver before landing across the street and squawking at me!

Steller's Jay would-be parent

The other one sat in my cherry tree and gave me the stink eye.

Steller's Jay

While I wish these beautiful, raucous birds the best of luck in their family building plans, I kind of hope they decide our porch is too busy and choose somewhere else to build. The first summer we were in the house, someone built a nest in our porch. I heard chicks peeping one day and then nothing. I’m sure some rodent — squirrel or rat got them. It’s just not a safe place plus we are in and out all the time. Steller’s Jays are certainly brassy and bold but I’d imagine they’d find our activity level annoying.

I’ll keep you posted.