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I know the Spring

26 Apr


I know the Spring
sweet scented air
dawn of song
brightest clearest softest blue


I know the Spring
cool nights
warm caressing sunlight
humming wisteria


I know the Spring
bright light clear light
singing from on highest height
abundance, promise
spilling forth
pouring out and over and through

I know the Spring for it fills me up to full.

I am honored to be featured today by the Nature Blog Network! I hope you’ll take a moment to visit their site and stay awhile. They do good work there, do Mike and Wren, and John, and N8. Thank you all, especially Wren who interviewed me so painlessly, making me sound much better than I had any business sounding!  I also want to thank my readers for keeping me on the front page of the birding list that the Nature Blog Network keeps.  Thank you!

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6 Things

22 Dec

I’ve been tagged by Wren of Wrenaissance to share 6 random things about myself.

  1. I was born in Montana, dead center, far northern part of the state.  Practically in Canada.
  2. I’ve lived in two foreign countries (England and Germany).
  3. I have lived in 6 different states.
  4. I am a terrible slob.  Keeping my house clean is a huge bother.
  5. When I meet people in person, I’m very shy until I know them well.  Then, look out.
  6. I have another poem up at Winter Haiku.  Go see, please!

So, if you’d like to play along, consider yourself tagged.  If you don’t want to play, nevermind then.


13 Dec

knitting requires focus
slip one, yarn over, knit two together
distracting noises and conversation

ripping out
starting over
dammit dammit dammit

meditate on the pattern
stay in the moment
just knit

Ruby likes to help me knit

More Distraction poems at One Single Impression.
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Sky Watch – Pigeons O’er the Mission

20 Nov

Sky Watch at Mission San Juan Bautista

Pigeons roost.
Startled, they fly in great circles
and settle again on the old tile roof.
Do they know why the bells toll?
Do they feel the prayers of those within rise up past them?
Do they guide them up to Heaven?
Or do they watch them pass and shake their heads, wondering at the ways of people.

© 2008, Liza Lee Miller.  All Rights Reserved.

If you need a little reverence in your Friday, visit Sky Watch Friday!
And, if you need something to fill the sky you are watching, check out I and the Bird!

American Sentences – a form of poetry

15 Nov

Writer Allen Ginsberg created a poetry form wherein one writes a sentence that is exactly 17 syllables long.  The amazing poetry site Read.  Write.  Poem. has asked participants to write an American Sentence that will be combined into a collaborative poem.  Very fun stuff.  You can learn about American Sentences at www.americansentences.com.

Raven soaring

Here is my contribution:

A single raven flies overhead making a most raucous noise.

I can’t wait to see what the final collaborative piece of poetry will be.  I love collaborative work when it is done this way . . . in other words when someone else organizes it and I don’t have to meet with people and talk to them and share a common vision but instead we all create something we like and then we see what it turns into — it’s a very special way to create.  And, it works with my curmudegeonly writer ways.  🙂

Oh, and please note the clever way that I ensured that a bird . . . my favorite bird . . . would appear in the group poem.

©2008, Liza Lee Miller.  All rights reserved — except for Read.Write.Poem. putting it into a group poem and creating something new and wonderful with my words.

More springtime joy!

3 Mar

I heard this wonderful story on the radio yesterday about my all-time favorite poet, e.e. cummings. His work has spoken to me since I discovered how cool poetry was when I was in 7th or 8th grade. And, today, I got to learn something new about him. He was also an artist! Listen to the audio version of the story, if you can. It’s delightful. It includes my favorite e.e. cumming’s poem, “sweet spring is your”.

Story on NPR’s Weekend Edition (html | audio)

E. E. Cummings Conservation Project

Enjoy another dash of spring surprise!

Song inspired by “sweet spring is your” by e.e. cummings