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Clean Up Crew

10 Jan

The Clean Up Crew hits Scotts Valley

I went shopping early the other morning and found an unkindness of ravens gathering in the Safeway parking lot. They were intense about the treat they found. A container of cream cheese — yummy!

Cream cheese nummy!

A great look at the beak of a Raven — look at the size of it. However, they aren’ t usually white in places — that’s the cream cheese, folks.

I also love the way the camera captured the iridescent quality of a Raven’s feathers by showing blue and red bits. Gorgeous, huh?

The ravens enjoyed their snack and I shot picture after picture that wasn’t focused properly due to the poor light. Sigh. Maybe I should read my camera’s manual again — now that I’m familiar with it. I seem to have hit a wall in my learning process here.



7 Jan

So, now that you’ve all become experts (ha!) on the differences between Ravens and Crows, I have a quiz.


What am I?

Raven in the morning

20 Oct

Raven Silhouette I

Raven Silhouette II

Well, I haven’t had a really good “I love my camera” post in a very long time. This morning, the kids and I headed out the door for my caffeine fix and some breakfast goodies for them. Hey, Greg is off gallivanting in New Orleans and I’m stuck at home. Stuck at a filthy, messy home, too. So, after breakfast, we drove to Scotts Valley to hit Payless Shoe Source to get BOGO shoes (Buy One, Get One for half off — which sounds way better than it is when you buy 6 pairs of shoes, 4 pairs of socks, and some black shoe polish!). In the parking lot, I was finishing my coffee while the kids bickered and I looked up and saw this gorgeous bird silhouetted against the beautiful blue California sky. Between us were two parking rows and a strip mall building. He was behind the building on a tree and maybe 5 feet above it. The sun was coming from the side of me but I was sure the pictures would be worthless but I snapped anyway — took about 16 shots in burst mode. Most of them were throwaways — he was preening and it was just a black blob. But these two were lovely — and the subtle tiny difference between them sold me. What a bird.

To see what happened for the rest of my day, you can read my Twitter feed (See Twitterpated on the right). What a day — and my house is still not clean although it is significantly better. Two loads of dishes, four loads of laundry, made one bed, filled the hummingbird feeders, nagged the children endlessly, cleaned my beautiful leather game table with my own tears (sigh), and still, I’ve got a full day’s work ahead of me tomorrow. Oh bloody joy. Maybe it’s time for more tea and chocolate!