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American Sentences – a form of poetry

15 Nov

Writer Allen Ginsberg created a poetry form wherein one writes a sentence that is exactly 17 syllables long.  The amazing poetry site Read.  Write.  Poem. has asked participants to write an American Sentence that will be combined into a collaborative poem.  Very fun stuff.  You can learn about American Sentences at www.americansentences.com.

Raven soaring

Here is my contribution:

A single raven flies overhead making a most raucous noise.

I can’t wait to see what the final collaborative piece of poetry will be.  I love collaborative work when it is done this way . . . in other words when someone else organizes it and I don’t have to meet with people and talk to them and share a common vision but instead we all create something we like and then we see what it turns into — it’s a very special way to create.  And, it works with my curmudegeonly writer ways.  🙂

Oh, and please note the clever way that I ensured that a bird . . . my favorite bird . . . would appear in the group poem.

©2008, Liza Lee Miller.  All rights reserved — except for Read.Write.Poem. putting it into a group poem and creating something new and wonderful with my words.