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Ruby Tuesday — A Very Smart Dogger

6 May

Ruby, sleeping

Ruby is a very smart dog.  She is also a dog with very little coat and she gets cold.  Our bed is the warmest bed in the house.  It’s a 1970’s era water bed so it’s always warm.  She loves it.  Greg — for all his many fantastic atributes — does not like sleeping with a dog.  So, she is not allowed to sleep with us.  Ruby usually solves this dilemma by sleeping with the kids — not much is warmer than sleeping kids, after all.

But Ruby would like to sleep with us, in our bed, our warm bed.  She occasionally tries to join us — I will half-awakedly push her off.  This is when she usually goes to sleep with the kids. And, all is well.

Ruby is a very smart dog, however.  This morning, I woke up and she was sleeping at my feet.  She’d found a warm spot and crept up there and curled up quietly and was asleep.  At my feet.  Quietly.

I gave her a silent pat on the head and went on my way.  She’s a good girl.  What Greg doesn’t know, won’t hurt him!  😀