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Happy Turkey Day!

26 Nov

Bevson at Behind the Bins and Murmuring Trees put forth a bird blogging challenge.  For Thanksgiving, let’s post Wild Turkeys.  Here are mine.

Wild Turkey in my front yard

The above turkey was in my yard one afternoon.  He (she?) was being fed corn by the neighbors.  I had 2 labradors at that time and when the neighborhood kids showed too much interest in this guy, he headed toward my backyard.  I headed him off and so he lay down in my front yard and tried to pretend that he didn’t exist (he didn’t fool me though . . . I knew he existed!).  Eventually, the kids gave up and I stayed patient and he finally decided it was safe enough to exist again and he got up and headed back to the golf course.

My favorite wild turkey sighting was in Morro Bay. Three Turkey gentlemen were cruising down the street.  I loved these shots.  They just look like they are out for a stroll.  I found out later that they are well known in Morro Bay and that there are turkey crossing signs on some of the neighborhood streets.

Turkey in Morro Bay

Another turkey

third turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am grateful for so much in my life.

My wonderful husband, sweet children, and loving family.
I am grateful for my good friends and a job that gives me joy and challenge.
I am grateful for my health and our financial recovery.
I am grateful for a new president who brings new hope in these frightening times.

What are you grateful for?

Oh, yea, one last thing,  Thanksgiving isn’t complete without my amazing turkey call.  As you can see in the following video, turkeys respond to it.

Damn, I’m good.