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Sometimes you can’t do enough

20 Jul

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Last night, it was really hot and we had all our windows open.  As we sat reading, we heard a huge ruckus in the back yard.  It was enough noise and excitement that we had to go check it out.  We don’t know exactly what happened but birds were squawking their heads off.  Two birds were in the redwood trees squawking and Ruby was checking out something on the ground.  I realized it was a fledgling that had come out of it’s nest.  The parents were up in arms and the baby was pretty scared.

Robin enjoying the evening gloom

I tried to get the fledgling (actually it was PRE-fledgling) but I was hesitent and didn’t get it.  It made it out of the yard.  I realized then that I’d better let it be and we all went inside.  I hope the parents found the poor little thing.  I went out later in the full dark with my flashlight and looked for it but I couldn’t find anything.

The fledgling was kind of large.  Given who lives in my yard, I think it was either a California Towhee or an American Robin (hence their appearance in this post).  I wish I could have helped the baby but sometimes it’s a matter of doing less harm than more good.