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Amazing Lee

16 May

Jody and Lee working on Crazy Quilts

My mother is amazing.  She’d be the last person to agree but she truly is amazing!   Finding out that she had a brain tumor and needed surgery rocked all of our worlds.  The tumor was benign (Thank Goodness!).  So, Wednesday, she had the surgery.  Pretty much everything we were told about the surgery turned out to not be true.  We were told she’d be in the hospital until the following Monday.  We were told she’d have to have her whole head shaved.  We were told she’d have a great big C-shaped incision on her head.

Nope.  She has a 6″ inciscion across her head just behind her hairline in front.  They only shaved the hair that they had to.  And, she’s home already.

She was a minor celebrity at the hospital yesterday.  Released from ICU in the morning and released from the hospital in the same day.  Evidently, nurses, doctors, and administrators kept stopping in her room all day to see the amazing brain surgery patient who came through so beautifully.

The relief I feel at knowing my mom is home and safe and recovering.  We’ve talked on the phone.  She’s happy and that is a big key to recovery.

My sister and her husband are going up there today to help.  I’m going up on Thursday with a cooler full of food and lots of love.

Thanks to EVERYONE for all the good thoughts and prayers and wishes.