Uncovered . . .

25 Jan

We took down the range hood in preparation for installing the new microwave range hood combo dealie. I’m very excited about it. We unearthed some amazing paint and a tiny strip of wallpaper. My kitchen was mighty mod at one time. A bit frightening, really!

hidden past

Aqua paint, olive and pale blue print in the wallpaper.  My goodness.

We bought our paint tonight.  That was a bit of a shock, actually.  We wanted to go with low VOC paints.  The guy at the hardware store where we always get our paint told us that all the Fuller-O’Brien paints were available in low VOC so we happily picked out a couple.  Tonight, the woman who REALLY knows what she’s talking about assured us he was lying.  So, we had to pick new colors.  They didn’t come in quarts so we had to get gallons.  Greg isn’t sure they’ll work.  I think they will.  Hope so — $100 of the wrong paint would not be good.  I think I’ll paint up a sample board for him to look at and then he’ll feel better!  🙂


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